Our association is pleased to bring together nearly 250 professionals from the Pashmina sector.
Bringing together professionals from all stages from goat farmer to pashmina scarf retailer, but also different related professions in transport, logistics, or legal.
Our members are present on all 5 continents with a clear predominance of Asia and in particular the Indian sub-continent where pashmina is produced including India, Kashmir, Nepal, Ladakh, Srinagar.

This plurality of our membership list ensures a better consideration of the entire production and marketing chain of pashmina shawls and scarves.

Member list

We will not be able to present all of our 250 members to you because of the length of the list and confidentiality issues. Nevertheless, our association groups together

Some of our prestigious member

Why join Us

All the members of the association and pashmina professionals share a common need, that of federating in order to have our voice recognized, and thus to have pashmina recognized through the creation of an internationally recognized label. But also ensure the production of a high quality Pashmina, respectful of man, animal and planet. The association is also an opportunity to bring together professionals with common problems but also to establish contacts with a view to creating commercial opportunities.

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You wish to join our association, make your voice heard, participate in the development and promotion of pashmina, and defend your interests.
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The conditions of integration to become a member is that you must be a pashmina professional, or a related trade. Associations, NGOs, federations in the textile, fashion and fair trade sectors are also welcome.
Regarding, the membership and annual fees are proportional to the activity of our members. In other words, the fees will be adjusted to the resources of our members. It would be inconsistent for us to charge the same fees to a small family farmer of Capra-Hircus goats from the Himalayan highlands as a multinational fashion company.
So nothing could be easier simply fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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