About Pashmina Industry Association

P.I.A Pashmina Industry Association is a non-profit organization for the production and promotion of Pashmina.


Patrick textile professional first traveled to Srinagar in 1970, and literally fell in love with the pashmina shawl. So much so that he quickly gave up his job to start his business in importing and marketing pashminas. However, faced with supply difficulties due to political instability in Kashmir, and then import difficulties. But also problems due to the lack of knowledge of pashmina by the general public, professionals and politicians. That is why the association was born. Launched in 1982, the association initially brought together various American brands, importers and distributors to promote to the general public. At the beginning the association had only 10 members. Growing year after year, gradually developing internationally, Pashmina Industry Association has now become an internationally recognized NGO that produces the entire production chain from production to distribution of pashmina scarves. All of them share the desire to defend the interests of the sector.


The objective of the NGO is to defend the interests of the entire pashmina chain, both through promotion at the public level and through political defence, but also through cooperation between the various members.

  1. Production aid : By publishing a guide, in order to help the development of production, to move it up in the quality range but also to share experience. This makes it possible to improve both the quantity and quality of production.
  2. Defend the interests of professionals : Over time, the NGO has become a key interlocutor at the level of institutions, and political both in terms of import-export regulations and in terms of recognition and labelling of Pashmina fibre.
  3. Promote this wonderful fibre : A major mission of the NGO is to promote and educate the general public about pashmina fibre. For this reason, the association organizes different operations and communication.
  4. Animal Welfare : is our main concern and it is crucial for us to ensure that all pashmina production comes from goat-friendly breeding methods and ensures animal welfare. For this reason, we support breeders in their problems and organise training sessions on animal welfare.
  5. Wool & the Environment : In order to ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly production, the NGO distributes guides on environmental constraints to its members.

Means of action