Pashmina Industry Association

PIA: Pashmina Industry Association is an autonomous, non-governmental, non-profit organization and representative body that brings together pashmina producers and retailers.

Pashmina, also called the gold of fibers is the Rolls-Royce of wool. The most beautiful fibre made by Capra Hircus Goat.
Our association brings together all the professionals in the sector in order to defend the interests of professionals, promote this wonderful fibre and organise the sector.


The objectives of the association is to ensure that we provide our consumers with quality wool, ensure that the well-being of goats is respected and that this wool is internationally recognised.
This is to ensure permanent quality maintenance, but also respect for environmental standards and animal welfare, and to ensure fair remuneration by providing producers in India, Nepal, Kashmir, India and Tibet with a fair income.

Pashmina is undoubtedly the most beautiful of all wools, derived from the underlay of Himalayan goats (capra hircus laniger), and the origin of the association is to work towards international recognition. Indeed, the pashmina industry faces a major problem of recognition. Since today there is no globally recognized label. We therefore wish to be able to set up a label for pashmina recognized in all countries such as it exists for cashmere, or woolmark.

pashmina weaving


Creation of a platform for exchange and cooperation between pashmina shawl breeders, producers and processors.

Following repeated requests from our members, an exchange platform will be set up before the end of the year. This exchange platform will take the form of a forum for which you should receive your login information by November. This will also come to life through a monthly newsletter. The objective is transversal cooperation within the Pashmina sector, allowing the sharing of knowledge, the resolution of problems of production, marketing, and communication of pashminas.

Annual congres

In July, the annual Pia congress was held in Kathmandu, and it was a real success. With more than 350 goat farmers, pashmina producers, distributors and fashion specialists. The main theme was "fair trade", and all these conferences, discussion and sharing have allowed us to generate a large number of ideas in this direction, thus creating a real dynamic in our approach to the production and marketing of pashminas. Over 3 days, conferences, workshops and round tables will be held on pashmina, their production and the challenges of sustainability.


Our NGO works with its members on different missions. Mainly: